Places to Write: London, Part 3: London Bridge Hotel

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The bar of the London Bridge Hotel is another place I can recommend you visit in London, should you need a place to write.  Perfect not only for people watching, but also for those moments when you really need to focus on refining a chapter.


It sits in close proximity to London Bridge and is in the shadow of the impressive Shard building.  That amazing feat of engineering towers over the area and can be seen for miles around.

The bar is actually not that easy to find when you emerge from the nearby tube station.  There has been so much construction around the area that you can easily miss it.  I found this bar, like most places, by chance.  I was tired after a day of dealing with patients and consultants at a nearby Hospital.  I was in need of a pick me up and this place provided it. …

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Spotlight On: Heath Stallcup


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SPOTLIGHT ON: Heath Stallcup


What is your latest release and what genre is it?

My latest release is Coalition of the DamnedA Monster Squad Novel and the genre would have to be classified as Horror.


Quick description of it. 

This is the third installment in the Monster Squad series.  When creatures of the night proved to be real, the best of America’s military came together to form an elite band of rapid response teams.  Their mission is to keep the civilian populace safe from any monsters that would do harm and hide all evidence of their existence.  Now the teams face a threat so overwhelming that they are left with no choice but to turn to the very monsters they’ve hunted in the past to assist them in protecting humanity.


Something unique about it.  

Coalition of the Damned sets the stage for the final encounter. …

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Island in the Clouds – on the Travel 2 the Caribbean blog!!

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I am so pleased that Linda Thompkins has featured my novel on her blog, Travel to the Caribbean!! Here is what Linda had to say …

Caribbean Beach Reads – Island In The Clouds

I’m reviewing two great Beach Reads this week, and the first book is Island in the Clouds by Susan M. Toy

Susan writes from the perspective of a part-time resident of Bequia, which gives the book an authentic voice.

As a frequent visitor to the island, the author’s first hand knowledge of the local dialect, customs, and familiar places immediately drew me into the mystery and suspense.

– See more at: Travel 2 the Caribbean


Thank you, Linda, for a great Q&A! I look forward to meeting you soon and welcoming you back to Bequia!

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Book Review: Unconquered: Blood of Kings

Author Bryan M. Powell

Because of my interest in history, I took a chance on Mathew Olney’s book Blood of Kings. At the time, Mathew had it on KDP as a freebie, which helped matters. However, after reading it, I bought it. I have to say, that Unconquered captured my attention with vivid action and setting. I loved his noble characters, they sold me. If you like swarthy Vikings and maidens in distress, then you will enjoy reading Blood of Kings. Mathew Olney maybe new in his craft, but the guy has a gift with words and scene painting. He has a sequel to Blood of Kings. When it comes out, I’ll be in line to buy it and I recommend you do so too.

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Should You Publish In Print Or eBook?

Brista Drake's Website: Author & Editor

So, you want to hold the physical copy of your book soon after it’s been released, huh? You’re just dying to print hundreds of copies, get them into libraries and share them with all your buddies! Well, here’s why you should think twice about jumping onto that bandwagon.

No, WritingMime! You got me all wrong – I’m publishing in both eBook and print.

At the same time? I don’t know about that…

Huh? What do you mean? Come on, out with it.

Well, lads and lassies, I am only suggesting you wait to put out your books in print. Sure, you get all that cool stuff listed above, plus a higher priced item next to your eBook on, so more people will be persuaded to buy your eBook. But that’s just the thing.

With eBooks selling faster than physical counterparts, authors are making sure their printed copies are top…

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Are Writing Courses Good For You?


Are writing courses good for you?

The question that’s keeping me awake lately is whether or not to take a course. A course in writing, creative writing to be specific. I have been toying with the idea for quite some time now.

One of the many reasons that I want to go ahead with it is to get out of the house and into something that I like to do. For the past year or so I have lost touch with the outside world, specially with the professional world. I would very much like to meet people with the same interest as mine. To be able to have real conversations where I can discuss my thoughts and ideas with others who share my dreams and enthusiasm about writing.

Another reason as I mentioned earlier in one of my blog posts is that I lack discipline. I work better under pressure…

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Things I dig #3

Things I dig



I dig books! I’m seriously addicted to reading. I read books because I love them, not because I think I should read them. You’re never alone when you’re reading a book, because as long as you have the pages to guide you, you have a friend. When I read a book, I put in all the imagination I can, so that it is almost like writing the book as well as reading it – or rather, it is like living it. It makes reading so much more exciting, but I don’t suppose many people try to do it. So yeah, I really “dig” books!

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