Challenge Accepted, Mr. Buckley

[BTW] : Ben Trube, Writer

To Monsignor Buckley:

I received your challenge in yesterday’s electronic post and am putting quill to keyboard to pick up the gauntlet you have cavalierly thrown down.

Be it here declared that I, Benjamin Robert Reginald Trube (hereafter referred to as B. R. R. Trube) accept your challenge and all the perils and pleasure hereto.

If I may I would like to add the following stipulation. At the conclusion of our battle of bombastic bookery, the 80,000 words we have composed should be in a condition we feel comfortable sharing with the other.

Furthermore I generously provide the following code of source to enable Brian to report with the same daily alacrity his current word total:

<a href="" target="_blank" title="Surreality Final Draft">

</a> 14871 / 80000 words. 18% done!

Putteth this in a text widget and your own word countenance shall shine upon you.

Finally, in the…

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