5 books to add to your library in 2014

Eitner Education presents: The Sup's Scoop

So, Santa & Hanukah Harry are right around the corner.  Still don’t know what to ask for?  Why not ask for these five books for your collections:

imgres1. Game Changers by Julie Adams

Why? Simple.  Julie Adams has amassed a collection of quick tips, tidbits, and digestible information that will help those in education BE better educators. I’m a fan of quick, easy reads.  This is just that.  AND it’s informative.  Who knew?!  In Game Changers, Julie highlights 7 powerful instructional practices that boost student learning every time; this manual demystifies the art and science of effective teaching so all educators can attain the highest levels of student engagement and achievement.

Where you can get it: http://www.effectiveteachingpd.com/products/

imgres-12. The Ten-Minute In-Service by Todd Whitaker & Annette Breaux

Why? Well, to start, it’s Todd Whitaker.  Toss has a way with words and lays out the simplicity of communication and where…

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