The Friday Five: Books With a Side of Joy

on the wings of the hummingbird


Funny, since I began writing about joy nearly two years ago, people have started giving joy back to me, both metaphorically and literally. I have enjoyed both, of course, and am incredibly grateful for the physical manifestations of joy: hummingbird necklaces, framed slogans about joy, poems, articles and books. In the spirit of the Friday Five, here are five books, either recommended, revisited or received as a gift, that bring joy into the picture.

Joy in the Morning by Betty Smith. Every once in a while I like to revisit a book from my youth. This one, while not a sequel to Smith’s classic “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” is very much cut from the same cloth: A poignant tale of hardship, aspiration and tiny daily joys growing up in pre-World War II America. It is a satisfying, old-fashioned story that gives you insight into a very different…

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