The Saga of Lucy McGregor

Friends of Atticus

What makes a person extraordinary? What constitutes an extraordinary life? In photo 1some cases I guess, just doing interesting things. Bungee jumping. Traveling to remote places, like the South American jungle. Playing the calliope. Learning an obscure language – such as Tolkien’s Elvish Quenya – just for the heck of it. Those things can be extraordinary in that they are simply not ordinary. But beyond just doing fascinating things, a person can be extraordinary by exhibiting courage and endurance. The person who is truly extraordinary is one who is resolute and does what is right, one who is selfless. She is unwavering when faced with struggle and uncertainty. The genuinely extraordinary person might lack opportunities to travel or climb mountains or learn languages of fictional characters; but she will always do the best she can with what she has, and she’ll never stop trying to improve her own life and that…

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