Review: The Perfect Husband – Lisa Gardner

The Sporadic Chronicles

lisa gardner the perfect husband book cover

FBI Profiler Series – Quincy #1

Theresa Beckett escaped her abusive family and married a monster. A monster she had no idea existed until she shared her “I do”, and he stepped in and started to ruin her life, the evil that she had known seemingly much better than the evil she was now lumped in with. Jim Beckett is attractive, a respected man of the community, a police officer and completely in love with Theresa. That is the image that he portrays. After the wedding, her life is picked apart by Jim, who will break her down until she is no more. Though he assumed control of her life and moulded her into exactly what he wanted, she started to grow suspicious of his outings, his shifts as a police officer and the method he used to injure her. After having their first baby, Samantha, Theresa is horrified to…

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