Places to Write: London, Part 3: London Bridge Hotel

Confessions of a published author


The bar of the London Bridge Hotel is another place I can recommend you visit in London, should you need a place to write.  Perfect not only for people watching, but also for those moments when you really need to focus on refining a chapter.


It sits in close proximity to London Bridge and is in the shadow of the impressive Shard building.  That amazing feat of engineering towers over the area and can be seen for miles around.

The bar is actually not that easy to find when you emerge from the nearby tube station.  There has been so much construction around the area that you can easily miss it.  I found this bar, like most places, by chance.  I was tired after a day of dealing with patients and consultants at a nearby Hospital.  I was in need of a pick me up and this place provided it. …

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